Month: April 2020


Unplanned’s true story strikes at the very heart of the abortion debate. It’s one thing to create a work of fiction on a hot button subject, but something else entirely when a real person actually experiences that...

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Avengers End Game

End Game’s epic, climactic battle makes it well worth seeing on the big screen. Although it is painful for all dedicated fans, we know that eventually, all good things must come to a proverbial end. Marvel films are...

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Midsommar easily gives cults a bad name. If you ever acquire the golden opportunity of traveling to a foreign country with your significant other (is that term still used?), and their friends, to witness and participate in some...

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August 28, 2019 ยท Overcomer offers up good life lessons for all, besides Christians. Alex Kendrick and his dedicated crew of film makers, have always emphasized to non-Christians, as well as true Christians, that trials,...

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Phoenix’s Joker imparts a violent origin of the Clown Prince of Crime. 26 January 1966 marked the auspicious debut of Cesar Romero’s Clown Prince of crime in the original Batman tv series episode titled, “The...

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