Month: September 2014

The Drop (2014)

If you’ve heard of The Drop and plan to see it, it’s probably for one of two people. The first is James Gandolfini, who makes his final film appearance in this film. He plays the boss of a bar that becomes the center...

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Kite (2014)

In 1998, a controversial and often-censored anime called Kite was released. I don’t think it’s ever seen a fully uncensored release in America, and it’s really only known by those who seek out the most...

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Frank (2014)

Frank is an unsettling little movie. It’s a little depressing, very quirky, and nothing ever feels quite right about it. As soon as its titular — but not leading — character shows up, you know something’s...

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Palo Alto (2014)

In 2010 James Franco published a book of short stories titled Palo Alto. The stories were tangentially linked and contained teenagers in Palo Alto, California doing bad things and having a tough family life — often leading...

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