Month: April 2014

Transcendence (2014)

Of all the things I have to say about Transcendence, I’ll open with this: for the majority of its two-hour running time, I was not bored. I was not necessarily excited, thrilled, or having fun, but I was also not wishing...

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Hateship Loveship (2014)

A film whose ultimate message is that, if you are a woman, you can win a man’s heart by doing all the cooking and cleaning, while also letting him steal your money, Hateship Loveship is … basically just that. It has...

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Bad Grandpa review.

Jackass present: Bad Grandpa review. Bad Grandpa is an outrageous comedy from the crazy minds behind jackass. It stars Johnny Knoxville as Irvine Zisman, the ‘bad grandpa’ and rising star Jackson Nicoll plays Billy...

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Joe (2014)

I know that one of the most fun both cinephiles and non-cinephiles can have is to make fun of some of the performances turned in by Nicolas Cage, but every now and then a movie like Joe comes around and we’re treated to a...

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