Month: November 2013

Mallrats (1995)

Two men — young men — lose their girlfriends on the same day, for much the same reason. Both of the girlfriends thought that the men didn’t spend enough time with them, that they were too into their video games...

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Movie Review of ‘Meet Joe Black’ (1998)

1998’s Meet Joe Black is not everyone’s cup of tea. A polarising feature, it underperformed at the box office, earning mixed reviews before ultimately fading into obscurity. Some may call the film plodding due to its...

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Taken 2 (2012)

In 2008, Taken was released and was a surprise hit, grossing millions and millions of dollars at the box office and received relatively good reviews from critics. I quite liked it. It was a simple revenge thriller which had Liam...

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The Avengers (1998)

In the 1960s, a British television series, The Avengers, played and was relatively popular. It had spies and saving the world, and was relatively popular. It’s odd that an adaptation would be made in 1998, but that’s...

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