Month: September 2013

A Single Shot (2013)

They say that simplicity is a powerful tool in the cinema, and it’s used to great effect in A Single Shot. Here is a film without a complex story, with only one character who has more than an ounce of depth, and yet it...

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The Art of the Steal (2013)

How do you make a movie about a bunch of criminals stealing a piece of artwork both entertaining and different from the other movies about a bunch of criminals stealing artwork (or anything else)? That’s the main question...

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Prisoners (2013)

It’s rare for a movie that runs for over two hours to stay thrilling for its entirety. It’s rarer still for a film to make you feel something for its characters — especially when you aren’t completely...

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Jumanji (1995)

How much fun is it to play a board game with people you don’t like? New question: How much fun is it to watch people you don’t like play a board game in an event you can only observe? The answer to either, for me, is...

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