Month: September 2013


Okay. Let’s just take a moment to describe the basic premise of Adore, which plays like a fantasy novel for mothers. Two women, Roz (Robin Wright) and Lil (Naomi Watts) have been friends since before they can remember....

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Don Jon (2013)

It seems like a natural transition for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take a step behind the camera and write and direct a feature film. He’s directed shorts in the past, but with Don Jon he finally makes the foray into...

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This is 40 (2012)

A glimpse into the life of a middle-class American family, This is 40 is perhaps one of the more truthful movies on marriage and family life that has been seen in mainstream theaters in a long time. If there’s one that...

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Knocked Up (2007)

Knocked Up is a romantic comedy following the aftermath of a one-night stand between a stoner without a real job and a media personality whose job partially depends on looks. The only way to make this interesting would be to...

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