Month: February 2013

The Family Man (2000)

 Everyone in their life wants to be either a husband or a father. To become a father or a husband may be considered the greatest thing on Earth. The trouble is facing the reality behind it all. That is where movies like...

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Catch and Release (2006)

Catch and Release is the kind of film that has a lot going for it, but fails because some of the choices in cast and direction don’t allow for it to succeed. It opens and closes well, but lacks purpose for much of the...

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Peacock (2010)

John and Emma have a very good daily routine. Emma gets up early, makes breakfast, does laundry, and the rest of the daily chores. John gets up at 8:15, eats breakfast, and then goes to work. At night, he’ll prepare things...

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Les Misérables | Movie Review

There are very few musicals that i could watch over and over again. The Wizard of Oz, The Muppets, Moulin Rouge, The Lion King, Chicago, and of course the gloriously macabre Sweeny Todd. Actually there’s more than I thought, but...

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