Month: October 2012


Finally watched it, well overdue but finally did. Ridley Scott returns back to a genre defined by him decades ago. The making of PROMETHEUS has been by far one of the best kept secrets in movie making history and the suspense is...

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The summer has been one dry spell after another at the theatres. It most certainly has not been a great summer for comedy. Some of the most popular names in comedy seem to be consecutive failing at large over the past few...

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The Mist (2007)

The Mist is the type of horror film that works best as a thriller about people, while also giving them (and us) something to be afraid of. In this case, that thing is mist from the title, although since the mist itself...

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MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS The term out of sight out of mind is relevant to this article. The simple fact of ARMAGEDDON not being spoken much of today justifies that. This being said, if one may question another; have you watched the...

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Ghost Ship (2002)

Tone is an important thing for horror films to get right. Without a proper tone, setting the atmosphere you want is almost impossible. I mention this because Ghost Ship misses the tone-boat right off the bat, meaning it never...

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