Month: October 2012

Hotel Transylvania (2012)

 Halloween is a perfect time to have a lot of fun while being scared. And Hollywood knows this with the films they come out with. One of these flicks is “Hotel Transylvania”, an amazing visual masterpiece in the field of...

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Anatomy (2000)

I know that many sites might list it as such, but Anatomy didn’t really fit the definitions I have set to be a horror film. It didn’t seem to try to scare me, even if it had a couple of scenes that will make you...

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The Thing (2011)

2011’s The Thing is technically a prequel to John Carpenter’s flick of the same title, although it’s basically a remake. If you’ve seen the 1982 film, you’ve seen the better version. The two movies...

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The Thing (1982)

We’re back in 1982, in Antarctica. There’s an American research team stationed there, although what research they do isn’t really explained. We mostly see them lounging around, drinking, smoking and playing...

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