Month: April 2012

Rated: The Skin I Live In (2011)

“You are different. I am different as well.”

“I hate boring movies. By boring I mean movies that regurgitate the same chum that we’ve seen countless times before. I want some originality. I want something different that I haven’t seen before. Something a little weird, twisted. The Skin I Live In fits that bill, perfectly. Sure, it has the twisted, almost grotesque qualities of a Cronenberg film. And Almodovar’s latest film looks like all his other movies. It is also based on a book, not to mention the fact that the film’s visual style echos something made in the 1960’s but with modern production values. Regardless of all these similarities, The Skin I Live In is something new and exciting. Trust me on this one.”

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Election (1999)

Election is a funny movie about the ins and outs of high school politics, while also taking shots at the everyman teacher, and also pretty much anyone else who might possibly even be tangentially related to the school...

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The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)

The best thing about Pitch Black, and the main reason it was a successful film, was because of the ambiguous character played by Vin Diesel. He was called Riddick, and we were never supposed to know what side he was on. Would he...

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Pitch Black (2000)

In the future, we’re going to be able to fly around the universe in spaceships. Movies have told me that this is a foregone conclusion. Pitch Black starts out in the future with a bunch of people in their personal...

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High Noon (1952) (U)

Often looked at as a “Western for those who don’t like Westerns”, Director Fred Zinnemann’s High Noon is a classic tale about retired Marshall Will Kane, who is forced right back into action when he...

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