Month: February 2012

An American Crime (2007)

We see images of a young girl who has been beaten, burned, and has had words carved into her skin. The pictures look real, although we’re unsure of whether the filmmakers created them, or if they’re real photos. An...

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The Eagle (2011)

From where I stand, the actual plot of The Eagle only begin at about the 40 minute mark before ending at around 80 minutes in. Surrounding it are either scenes to set-up the plot (the film tries to get us to care about the...

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Moneyball (2011)

Bennett Miller who is famous for taking real life stories as motion pictures has returned to present another real story that concentrates on sports. After Capote he is back again in 2011 bringing Moneyball. Capote depicted the...

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Tangled (2010)

With more than six years of production and an estimated $260 million spent, Walt Disney Animation Studios brings us Tangled to mark its 50th release. Was it a successful venture? I think so, and I’m sure that it’ll...

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