Month: February 2012


Liam Neesons latest movie, The Grey, sees the hollywood hardman go fisticuffs with a bunch of wild wolves in the Alaskan wilderness. Or at least, that’s what the trailer would lead you to believe.  Reuniting the veteran...

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Shark Night 3D-Review

            Seven college students take a break from studying and decide to have some fun at a lake house on an island owned by Sara’s (Sara Paxton) parents. It has been three years since she has been home because of a...

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Cassandra’s Dream (2007)

There are two brothers. One of them, Ian (Ewan McGregor), is a hardworking man who has just met a wonderful woman, Angela (Hayley Atwell). The other is Terry (Colin Farrell), who is a chain-smoking, hard-drinking, pill-popping...

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Dorian Gray (2009)

Dorian Gray centers on a man who shouldn’t be the lead of a film. His name is also Dorian, and he is played by Ben Barnes. Here is an actor that could not carry this film, and because all of the supporting actors managed...

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