Month: July 2011

Wicked Little Things

Wicked Little Things is a 2006 zombie horror film.  Some of its stars include Lori Heuring as Karen Tunney, Scout Taylor-Compton as Sarah Tunney, Chloe Moretz as Emma Tunney, Ben Cross as Aaron Hanks, and Martin McDougall as...

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Sucker Punch Review

THIS IS SPARTA! That line is maybe one of the most popular and memorable lines, ever to hit the internet during the 21st century. What does this line have to do with this movie then? Well nothing really, only that Zack Snyder...

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I am unable to come up with a more precise theme to be discussed during a crucial time of teen social revolutions around the world today. Vanity; plays a massive factor in modern teen society and is what makes high school a...

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