Month: June 2011

So Close-Review

            How would you avenge your parents’ deaths that were killed by assassins? You become one, of course. Lynn (Shu Qui) and her little sister, Yen (Seoung-Heon Song) are professional assassins, who sneeks in to kill their...

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Tiptoes (2003)

If Tiptoes had made sense, or if it could keep a consistent tone throughout, it might be worth watching. From scene to scene, and sometimes even during a scene, there is no attempt to maintain a steady flow, or to have the...

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No Strings Attached

Torture, Pain, Agony, Suffering, Distress, Grief, Woe, Anguish all these words together grammatically connected into a meaningful sentence cannot yet justify the emotional cinematic horror one goes through during the Portman...

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