Month: May 2011

Waterworld – All Wet

For me, the most dramatic scene in the film occurs when the Smokers capture the girl and burn Kevin Costner’s boat. What struck me as I watched this scene unfold, however, was not that the bad guys had kidnapped someone, but that Kevin Costner’s boat was being destroyed. I cared more about a prop than about a character; Kevin Costner’s boat is really cool, arguably the single most interesting thing in the whole movie.

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Black Dynamite (2010)

Finally the spoof genre returns to form… can you dig it? Cast: Michael Jai White, Obba Babatunde, Kevin Chapman & Tommy Davidson Directed by: Scott Sanders Screenplay by: Michael Jai White, Byron Minns & Scott...

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City of Ember

The children’s film City of Ember showed promise, but ultimately didn’t make make much of an impression. The film begins with the notion that the surface world has become uninhabitable. The builders as they’re called, have...

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Friends & Lovers

The 1999 romantic comedy Friends & Lovers has quickly become one of my least favorite films of all time and certainly a candidate for worst film of this 365 in 365 journey. The plot of the film centers on Ian, a owner of his...

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Thor (2011)

I’ve gotta say, I really liked Thor; it was a great way to spend a weekday afternoon.  Quality, story, and enjoyment-wise, I’d place it right on par with the first Iron Man (We shall never speak of the travesty known as the...

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