Month: April 2011

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (2000)

 One of the most intriguing dramas that I have ever watched is the 2000 Movie, “Ghost Dog: The Legend of the Samurai.  Actor, Forest Whitaker, is the “Ghost Dog,” who glides throughout the movie as a “Retainer,” who lives in the...

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Zulu (1964)

Zulu (1964) is one of my all-time favourite films and having just re-watched it recently I thought I’d delight you with my overly bias review. Okay so Zulu tells the story of the battle for Rorke’s Drift in which a meagre...

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Film Review: Thor (2011)

The final pieces of Marvel’s master plan are falling into place. Developing their key characters one film at a time and sowing the seeds of hype with post-credit teases, Marvel have prepared for ‘The Avengers’ with...

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