Month: March 2011

The King’s Speech

For those of you who watched the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony last Sunday, you know that the big winner of the night was The King’s Speech.  The film picked up four Academy Awards, including Best Original Screenplay (David...

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Drive Angry-Review

This film is about an escaped man from Hell named Milton (Nicholas Cage) who is on a vengeful mission to rescue his granddaughter from the devil-worshipping cult leader, Jonah King (Billy Burke). Jonah plans to sacrifice the...

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Saw II

Saw II is a 2005 horror movie distributed by Lions Gate Films.  It stars Donnie Wahlberg, Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Erik Knudsen, and Franky G.  The writers are Leigh Whannell and Darren Lynn Bousman.  The director is Darren...

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Hawaii (1966)

I have seen numerous movies in my entire lifetime and whether they are good or bad, the movies that I have watched always include some entertaining value. But with 1966’s “Hawaii” I get a movie that really bored me out of my...

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