Month: January 2011

SALT Movie Review

Evelyn Salt (Jolie), a CIA agent is accused of being a Russian spy who is going to kill the Russian president. Scared for her husbands safety, she runs from the FBI and at the same time trying to clear her name to fellow CIA...

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True Grit Movie Review

While this movie is a re-make of the 1969 True Grit featuring the one and only John Wayne, the Cohen brothers have done an amazing job with this remake. The script of these two movies is almost identical, and  I don’t...

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Tangled – 2010

“Tangled” is the latest offering from Walt Disney Studios. It is a CGI animation and retelling of the classic fairy tale Rapunzel, written by The Brothers Grimm. Interestingly it only changed its name from Rapunzel...

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Sanctum is a cave adventure movie directed by Alister Grierson, and starring Richard Roxburgh Ioan Grufford and Rhys Wakefield, and produced by James Cameron. The two most outstanding things are the visuals and the...

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