Month: December 2010

Jackass 3D

Jackass 3D (94 min)    Some things get old after a while. Then again some things don’t. One of those things that never gets old is the classic tradition that is the Jackass series. They are full of crazy antics, pervasive humor,...

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Robin Hood

Robin Hood (140 min) Robin Hood, a giddy, fun loving, and humorous young skilled archer in green tights wearing a green hat leading his merry me on many exciting adventures that involve saving damsels in distress. This Is the...

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The Black Swan

The Black Swan  (108 min)         This movie is intense all the way through and it had my heart racing throughout its entirety. From the bulimia to the scratching and cutting of herself, Natalie Portman perfectly portrays a...

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The Social Network

The Social Network (120 min) This movie starts off so fast, you can hardly keep up. Blink and you will surely miss something. It starts off on a sprint and never stops for a rest. It is clever, genius, and, smart in its...

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Directed by: Rodrigo Cortés. Stars: Ryan Reynolds. Where to begin? I suppose we should start with a bit of a sensory exercise. Imagine if you will waking up, afraid, alone and confused. The last thing you remember is being shot...

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