Month: September 2010

Halloween, 1978

This is one of my favourite horror films, it’s time for Halloween. John Carpenter, of whom we are not worthy, brought this scare spectacular to our screens with suspense in mind, and it more than delivers. My favourite...

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Avatar, 2009

My first review, and I’ll be covering the phenomenom that is Avatar. I’ve heard a lot of comments about this film not living up to expectations because of the story, I’m hopefully going to show people why this...

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Easy A (2010)

‘Easy A’ stars Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, and Penn Badgley. The film focuses on Olive (Emma Stone) who attends Ojai High School in present day California. Olive is a ‘nobody.’ The film starts off with her...

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The 1995 thriller Outbreak takes place in the fictional small town of Cedar Creek, California.  It stars Dustin Hoffman as Col. Sam Daniels, Rene Russo as Robbie, Morgan Freeman as Gen. Billy Ford, Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Maj....

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Kick-ass (2010)

Directed by Matthew Vaughn and written by Daniel Leary, Kick-ass  is a clever film about a boy who dreams of becoming a superhero. Dave Lizewski (played by Aaron Johnson) is an average teenage boy living in New York who is a fan...

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