Month: July 2010

Rated: Salt (2010)

“What would you buy with $20 million dollars? If you are Columbia Pictures, the answer is Angelina Jolie for your latest action flick. Sure, every movie with a hint of action in it seems to make tons of money these days, so it is a safe bet that this sum will be recovered. What may not be recovered, though, is your brain upon viewing this movie. Its a string of entertaining action sequences strung together with a story that is supposed to be smart and thrilling like a Jason Bourne film, but ends up being illogical an inconclusive. Now we know that early 90’s cold war thrillers don’t work as well in 2010.”

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I’m sorry, but I don’t think I could ever write my usual serious review for this film. Rob Zombie, on the other hand is one of those directors that can’t seem to help but taking himself seriously, maybe because...

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Hot Tube Time Machine (2010)

This weeks hot pick is Hot Tub Time Machine. It’s finally out for Red Box and well worth the rental. This movie was well made and very enjoyable. It as mild violence and strong language. The story line is 4 friends decide...

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Mike Judge’s Extract is a story about an average guy whose life is about to be splintered and become chaotic, in the midst of a dry marriage, an employee losing a testicle, him having ideas like cheating on his wife, and paying...

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