Month: July 2010


2012 | Adventure (Disaster) | rated PG-13 (L,V) | starring John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Oliver Platt, Amanda Peet, Thadia Newton, Danny Glover | directed by Roland Emmerich | 2:38 mins As predicted in the Mayan calendar, the...

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TRON LEGACY: trailer 2

The teaser trailer looked absolutely amazing. After seeing the second trailer i feel alittle more grounded but i have high expectations for this movie. I don’t expect it to be as deep as say THE MATRIX but can this movie...

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The mild entertainment of this movie is what gives westerns the reputation as an outdated genre that they have today. The fault here lies in everything from the screenplay to th ephotography, from the direction to the acting....

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Big Fan

Big Fan | Drama/Dark Comedy | rated R (L) | starring Patton Oswalt | 1:35 mins Paul Aufiero is 35, works at a parking garage toll both and lives with his mother. He does this because his life is football. Specifically the New...

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