Month: May 2010

Sex And The City 2: Comments

Sex And The City 2, this movie was probably the worst movie I have seen all year these are the type of people who if were real would really make other countries hate America even more this movie literally bothered me and left me...

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Sex and the City 2

Sometimes it’s just not necessary to make a movie.  Unfortunately, when a movie can bring in a lot of money with little story or effort, it seems like a scam.  Sex and the City 2 capitalized on its previous success, but forgot...

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The Human Centipede

I’ve watched movies about rape. I’ve seen some of the worst and most vile gore to be placed on screen. I’ve sat through Rob Schneider comedies. Never before have I felt so dirty and filthy after watching a...

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Dear John

I just watched Dear John with my girlfriend and I hated every second. I was so bored and got fed up with the whole experience. I could not stand Channing Tatum’s character. He was the most cold hearted person. He was so...

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