Month: November 2009

2012 – “Mastermind”

another “end of the world” misery arriving in the form of 2012. a disastrous sequence follows in this movie as volcanic eruptions and tsunamis run chaos. 2012 is an epic film which is the least you could expect after...

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Ninja Assassin

The “Ninja Assassin” is not for the faint of heart, this is a violently graphic film with lots of blood, murder and mayhem, but if you can get through that, the movie also displays superb martial arts and great...

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My review of the film “UP”

“Come fly with me,come fly, lets fly away.” An old man, A young boy, a talking dog, and a flying house…and you thought it was gonna be silly. I sat down in the theatre and got caught Up in a really sweet,...

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