Month: October 2009

House of Fears

Cast: Corri English, Sandra McCoy, Cory Sevier, Eliot Benjamin, Alice Greczyn, and Michael J. Pagan.  Plot: After going to a party six friends go to a haunted house that will be opening the next day. Included we have...

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Secretary (2002)

 Maggie Gyllenhaal and David Spader star in this darkly off-beat romatic comedy directed by David Shainberg. Lee (Gyllenhaal) is a young woman just released from a physiatric hospital dealing with her self-mutilation tendencies....

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Rated: The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

“In a time of straight-to-DVD animated sequels and TV show spin offs it is easy to forget about animation as a form of art rather than a cheap and easy way for movie and television studios to make money at the expense of integrity. Easily the last good non-Pixar-created animated film to come from Disney in a long time, Emperor’s New Groove is Disney’s last attempt at doing something different to turn the tides of this battle back to animation’s side. What we get are brilliantly comic characters, fast-paced action scenes throughout, excellent comedic timing, and not one annoyingly long gag-inducing song montage. Its a well rounded animated movie that although it won’t be remembered as a classic, is probably Disney’s most underrated film.”

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