Month: September 2009

The Alamo

     So I have to give this movie at least one and a half stars for effort and star power; featuring actors such as Dennis Quaid and Billy Bob Thorton. In all honesty though, I think this movie was a waste of celluloid and of...

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Observe and Report, a Mr. E Movie Review

Observe and Report, a Mr. E Movie Review (Run time: 86 min. – Directed by: – Jody Hill Starring: Seth Rogan, Ray Liotta, Anna Faris) The ever so popular Seth Rogan has a new movie out on DVD named Observe and Report....

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 Serenity soars: gritty sci-fi adventure at its finest.    Serenity rises from the ashes of the beloved but criminally mishandled television series Firefly, a show that–despite touching brilliance in its finest...

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Mansfield Park

I believe that Mansfield park (1999) was just as good or better than the 2007 film Pride & Prejudice; also a film derived from a Jane Austen novel. Having not read the original novel, my perspective of the film is not as...

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Stranger Than Fiction

Many people can probably relate to this truly magical movie (although the fairytale aspect of this film may not have come to fruition for them). This film considers the perfunctory monotonous perpetual rhythm of ordinary life...

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