Month: July 2009


When it was first announced that a ‘Transformers’ film was being made many people were skeptical, including me, regarding how good could this adaptation possibly be. The concerns were numerous, from will whoever’s making it...

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Bonnie and Clyde

The film Bonnie and Clyde is, in my opinion, the greatest film ever made. It is a film that broke new ground when released in 1967, and caused controversy while doing so. When the film was first released, it was greeted with...

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       There are no UFO’s, no little green men, and no hostile intentions and yet Kevin Spacey brings something compelling to this role that makes it otherworldly and fixating. This thriller co-starring Jeff Bridges (Iron Man)...

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The Proposal

Before the credits even roll, we know how The Proposal will end. Allow me to retract the previous statement. Before the previews even roll, we know how The Proposal will end. It is a formulaic, by the numbers romantic comedy...

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Incendiary is a film with strong ambitions and weak results. It is a film with an earnest plot and performances that are adequate to the material, but never reaches the level the director and creative team behind the picture...

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