Month: June 2009

The Code (AKA Thick as Thieves)

The Code is a straight-to-DVD heist movie starring two of Hollywood’s brightest stars, Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas. Director Mimi Leder (Pay It Forward) and  TV writer Ted Humphrey try to capture the slick spirit...

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The Proposal (2009)

  What You’re In For: An unlikeable boss gets a taste of her own medicine when she learns that her U.S. visa is revoked and will be deported back to Canada. In order to save herself from deportation and to keep her job,...

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Phantasm – A trip into the surreal

Among the Science Fiction and serial killer boogey men of the 1970’s, emerged Don Coscarellis Phantasm (1979).  This horror classic does not have a familiar face in the cast, unless you are up to date on  lower budget horror...

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