Month: June 2009

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009)

This tired and tried Romantic Comedy starring Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner did not, as expected, deliver…however…it could have.   As much as I try like him, Matthew McCona-Pardon always leaves me with the urge to buy...

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     The day that Pixar makes a bad movie will be the day that pigs literally sprout wings and fly. Upis one of those movies that defines the reason Pixar is still the best animation studio around. Ed Asner voices Carl...

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  Killshot is available on DVD.  Mickey Rourke was a forgotten actor for many years. He was once thought to be the next big Hollywood star after appearing in hit movies like Body Heat (1981) and Nine 1/2 Weeks (1986). His rising...

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Taken (2009)

Taken expresses what may happen when you mess with the wrong daughter’s father. Directed by Pierre Morel, this film will keep you in suspense with plenty of nonstop action and thrills greatly shown through Liam Neeson. This...

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