Month: April 2009

In Bruges (2008)

A movie in which a midget/dwarf repeatedly introduces himself, “I’m an American, but don’t hold that against me” can’t be bad, in fact this movie, with its Irish flavored flair for the unlikely is by far the most charming...

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The day the earth stood still

I just watch this movie and I thought it was really boring. I just couldn’t get into it. I thought the story line was alittle off. It was long, but seemed longer because it was so boring. Keanu Reeves has done better...

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Tyson (2009)

Tyson 2009 87 minutes Rated R By Scott Mendelson What do Henry Tillman, Alex Stewart, Michael Spinx, and I have in common? None of us have lasted even a single round against Mike Tyson. I still remember the code for Mike Tyson’s...

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Fast & Furious

After three high-octane rides on the street racing scene, the fourth film in the “The Fast and the Furious” series features a departure from the flashy, overblown colors, obvious CGI-enhancement, and at times over-the-top stunts...

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