Month: December 2008

The Bewitching ‘Oz’

Australia – very vaguely titled but completely understandable once watched – is a tale of the continent’s wartime culture, with particular reference to racial attitudes of the times, and the ‘stolen...

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In The Mouth of Madness (1994)

Graced by the appearance of Charlton Heston and with the well established stars of horror, John Trent and Jurgen Prochnow, In The Mouth of Madness offers to serve the deserving Michael De Luca script with assured success....

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Throughout both 2007 and 2008, moviegoers saw what seemed like an endless string of movies focusing on or around the ongoing War on Terror. For a majority of these films, which ranged from character dramas (“Stop-Loss” or “Grace...

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Burn After Reading

Hey, Burn After Reading was the most pointless movie I have ever seen I try to watch but I got bored in fact I did not even watch all of it but Brad Pitt was Funny!! pointless but funny. John Malkovich, was a former agent of...

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