Month: July 2008

Batman: The Dark Knight

The best way I can start this review is by saying GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! I have seen it FOUR times now.  Yes, I am a bit of a batman fanatic, as I grew up with the TV cartoon series, and yes Joker is my favorite villain, and let...

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The Deal (2003)

Before making the award-winning picture The Queen, director Stephen Frears made a film in 2003 titled The Deal that is now known as “The Prequel To The Queen”. But the real question is, has he always been a great...

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The Dark Knight Review

The Dark Knight Review Letdown is a word I hate to use. Getting your hopes up is like wanting an XBox 360 for Christmas but instead getting a Wii (my dislike for the Wii is a whole other level, then again I am a PS3 man myself...

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“21” tells the true story of an MIT professor (Kevin Spacey) who recruits six students and then trains them to count cards and take Vegas for millions in cash. The film is Directed by Robert Luketic and the...

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Mamma Mia

If you’re looking for a little comedy this summer, and want to sing along to some great music of the century, then consider looking into one of the best movies of the summer Mamma Mia!  This musical takes place in modern day...

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