Month: June 2008

The Strangers (2008)

Picture this. It’s about 4 a.m. You hear a noise. You tell yourself that it’s nothing, as usual, and go back to whatever it is that you were doing. Except this time, it really is something and that something wants to kill you....

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30 Days of Night – DVD Review

  30 Days of Night presents a rather obvious take on the vampire flick which will quite possibly leave studios everywhere scratching their heads and saying, ‘why didn’t we think of that?’ By setting the action in Barrow, Alaska,...

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A Nightmare on Elm Street

The first Freddy Kruger movie to star Robert Englund and Heather Langencamp, it also helped the career of Johnny Depp.  Directed by Wes Craven this movie is Rated R for violence and language, but mostly violence.  It is an hour...

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