Month: March 2008

Heavy Metal 2000

“Heavy Metal 2000” stars the many unfamiliar voices that aren’t even worth the time naming. It’s directed by Michael Coldewey and Michel Lemire and the dreadful screenplay was written by R. Payne Cabeen...

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Four Rooms

Four Rooms” stars Tim Roth and co-stars many stars including Madonna, Antonio Banderas, Kathy Griffin, and Quentin Tarantino. Salma Hayek even has a cameo appearance as the TV Dancing Girl in the segment “The...

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Diary of the Dead

Director – George A. Romero Writer – Goerge A. Romero Starring – Michelle Morgan, Josua Close, Shawn Roberts, Amy Ciupak Lalonde, Philip Roccio Review: As inventive and original as the premise for this newest...

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Black Rain

“Black Rain” stars Michael Douglas, Andy Garcia, and co-stars Ken Takakura, and Kate Capshaw. It’s directed by the three time Oscar Nominated director Ridley Scott and written by Craig Bolotin and Warren Lewis....

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The Simpson Movie

The long running sitcom The Simpson hit theaters last summer. The show has been on-air for 17 seasons and just now the creaters were able to release a feature length film. We all know the characters of the film Bart, Homer,...

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