Month: February 2008

Be Cool

BE COOL 2005 MGM     Produced by Danny DeVito, David Nicksay, Michael Shamberg and Stacy Sher Directed by F. Gary Gray Screenplay by Peter Steinfeld Based on the novel by Elmore Leonard                       Probably the best...

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American Gangster

AMERICAN GANGSTER   2007 Universal Pictures   Directed by Ridley Scott Produced by Brain Grazer and Ridley Scott Screenplay by Steve Zaillian Based on the article “The Return of Superfly” by Mark Jacobson                      ...

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A Boy And His Dog

A BOY AND HIS DOG 1975 LQ/JAF Written and Directed by L.Q. Jones Produced by Alvy Moore Based on the novella by Harlan Ellison                       Science Fiction movies made today may be a lot of flash and spectacle, stuffed...

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Funny Games (2008)

Director – Michael Haneke Writer – Michael Haneke Starring – Naomi Watts, Michael Pitt, Brady Corbet, Tim Roth, Devon Gearheart Review: It’s starting to become popular for filmmakers from foreign countries to...

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Fall Down Dead

Fall Down Dead stars Dominique Swain (Travolta’s daughter in Face Off),David Carradine ( Kill Bill’s -Bill),Udo Kier vampire elder in Blade,Hallowen 2007 remake,and Grindhouse)Co stars are  Mehmet Gunsur,R Keith...

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