Month: January 2008

Rambo Review

I know we’re supposed to be all nostalgic about the ’80s these days. Ronald Reagan has become a “transformative” and “dynamic” figure, to be slavishly copied by Republicans and nebulously...

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Mad Money

Crime is contagious. Individuals get down on their luck and look to any means to get back on the good side. These individuals seek out help from other individuals who are also down on their luck hoping they will assist on the...

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“Underdog” stars Alex Neuberger, James Belushi, Peter Dinklage, and the voice of Jason Lee. The film is directed by Frederik Du Chau and written by Adam Rifkin and Joe Piscatella. This is a movie that is family...

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  Ellen Page, plays the loveable, smart-mouthed teen in Juno. Who gets pregnant, and plans to give the baby up for adoption. The movie takes her though her pregnancy, and the struggle of giving her baby up for adaption, going to...

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27 Dresses

   OK OK you guys out there.  It is not that bad.  If you want to score some love points with your lady.  Take her to see this movie.  Keep in mind it is still a chick-flick, but it is not one of those mushy ones.  There is some...

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