Month: December 2007

Undead Or Alive: A Zombedy

Undead Or Alive: A Zombedy was directed by Glasgow Phillips, who has been a staff writer for the television madness that is South Park. The movie stars James Denton, Chris Kattan, and Navi Rawat. The premise: a zombie western....

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Thinking XXX

The adult movie industry is one that millions of people either fantasize about getting into or getting out of. Thus it is an interesting industry to investigate when it comes to documentary filmmaking and as an ever waiting to...

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I Am Legend

Everyone in the world has wondered what it would be like if they were the last person on earth. Everyone has had those days when they wished everyone else would vanish and be the only person on the face of this planet. This film...

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The Last Legion (2007)

Director – Doug Lefler Writers – Jez Butterworth, Tom Butterworth, Carlo Carlei, Peter Rader & Valerio Manfredi Director of Photography – Marco Pontecorvo Editor – Simon Cozens Music – Patrick Doyle Producers – Tarak Ben...

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