Month: December 2007

The Corpse Bride

Starring Johnny Depp (Victor) and Helena Bonham Carter (The Bride in question) The corpse bride flows in a similar fashion as Tim Burtons earlier ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ it also follows in its predecessors footsteps by...

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Boy Eats Girl

Boy Eats Girl is where teen romantic comedy meets horror, but do they make a lovely pair? Directed by Stephen Bradley, Boy Eats Girl was written by Derek Landy. The film is an Irish tale about a young man in love with a girl,...

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Ice Spiders

“Ice Spiders” stars Patrick Muldoon as Dan “Dash” Dashiell and Vanessa Williams as Dr. April Sommers. The film is mainly set on ski slopes with what characters in the movie refer to as “ski...

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La Sierra

La Sierra is a documentary written and directed by Scott Dalton and Margarita Martinez. It brings to life a gritty and true portrait of the way life is for many in the ghettos of Medillin, Columbia. Specifically it follows the...

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Murder Set Pieces

The following review is of a film that seems to be made out of pieces of several genres, creating a picture meant for horror fans. Murder Set Pieces blends an artsy filmmaking approach with music video style, porno, and horror....

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