Month: October 2007

The Blues Brothers

God, I love the Blues Brothers. Everything about it stirs me, moves me in ways few other films have ever done.  For me, this is the quintessential classic, this is the movie I would like to be buried with, this is the movie that...

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Hostel 2

Hostel 2 helped fuel more critical controversy and worldwide examination into what is in fact considered entertainment as well as giving another target for the collective that likes to throw around the term: “torture porn.”...

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Planet Terror

Splashing across the screen in all of its blood spewing, gut stomping glory, Robert Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror” drops a bomb on a conventional, gore-infested yawner of a genre and turns it into a hysterical, fantastic adventure....

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12 And Holding

“ Do You Know Who Your Kids Are?”, that is the tagline from the film 12 and Holding. Do you know about the film 12 And Holding? 12 and Holding was directed by Michael Cuesta and written by Anthony Cipriano. The three main leads...

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