Month: September 2007

The Kingdom

The Kingdom, void of knights, fairies, or unicorns this tale of a Kingdom could possibly have used some just to spice it up; though the action is intense. The Kingdom was directed by Peter Berg, an actor/director/producer that I...

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V for Vendetta

From the creators of the Matrix Trilogy Comes V for Vendetta. V for Vendetta stars: Natalie Portman(Evey), Hugo Weaving(V), Stephen Rea(Inspector Finch), and John Hurt(Adam Sutler). Set in future England this action, drama will...

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“If you look close enough you’ll find everyone has a weak spot.” I figured I would start my review out with the same line as most for the movie Fracture, however I’m not going to dwell on weakness....

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“Diggers” DVD Review (2006 Release)

If you’re in need of a breath of air from the usual over-dramatized plots that end so sweetly you can taste the syrup oozing out of the cracks of the DVD case, the movie Diggers (2006) could easily serve as an oxygen mask....

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It is not a horror movie, but Candy is one of the most horrible movies you will ever see. However, I mean horrible like Michael Jackson means he is BAD and quite frankly I think Candy, or at least certain scenes, should be used...

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