Month: August 2007

The Invasion

It starts with a distressed mother in a pharmacy grabbing any and all pills that will help her stay awake because once she falls asleep, she knows what she will become.  Let’s go back to the beginning where there is a space...

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The Watcher

Well I should have known better! After seeing the previews of this movie I thought “FINALLY… a Keanu Reeves movie I might actually LIKE!” (in the preview, he doesn’t talk much, does he?… THAT...

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A Shot At Glory

As football (soccer) movies go, this is one of the best ever made! In this kind of movie, something has to be sacrificed, either good acting or believable match sequences! It’s VERY hard to have both, but this movie...

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Lady Sings the Blues

There was a very brief time in the 1970’s when Diana Ross was going to be a big movie star. She scored an Oscar nomination and loads of critical praise, for her jaw-dropping performance as Billie Holliday in Lady Sings the...

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GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE… BUT THEY SURE HELP! Clive Owen. Monica Bellucci. Paul Giamatti. Snappy dialog. Mind-blowing action sequences… & comedic timing to a T — 7 excellent reasons why this is an...

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