Author: YellowJacketY2J

Robin Hood (2010)

Here ye, here ye. A new decade has arrived, bringing forth a new vision of a noble legend. A man so gracious that, after being labeled an outlaw, he selflessly steals from the rich to give to the poor. But that’s not what...

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Iron Man 2

As a child, I loved Iron Man. From the look and mechanics of the armor to the good story-lines and action sequences to the sheer charm and wit of Tony Stark, Stan Lee’s creation wowed me. Once Marvel started throwing its...

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Furry Vengeance

Oh, how the moderately successful has fallen. From starring in the highly profitable Mummy series to the critically-praised Crash, Brendan Fraser is now reduced to sharing screen time with a bunch of CGI woodland critters....

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The Final Destination

There was an old saying that went “Death is a Bitch”. Another saying is “Death is inevitable”. Both of these quotes work well for the Final Destination films. At least, they work well for the first three...

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Paranormal Activity

I believe in the paranormal. I’ve had experiences in the past which are unexplainable. They all point towards the paranormal, even though I don’t have any evidence. None of the encounters were harmful, but they were...

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