Author: YellowJacketY2J

The Back-up Plan

I want you, the readers, to promise me something. If I ever have kids and start whining about having no free time, getting barely any sleep, etc., please slap me. Slap me as hard as you can. The reason being is because I...

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Just Wright

Most, if not all, romantic comedies follow the same formula. Boy meets girl/girl meets boy, boy likes girl/girl likes boy, girl starts dating someone else/boy starts dating someone else, boy and girl share their feelings through...

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For the past few years, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have clogged the airwaves with mundane and ghastly spoofs of the (at-the-time) current popular movies. They may have labeled them by genre, but that didn’t stop...

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Shrek Forever After

Whenever a movie series proclaims the latest installment is the last, it rarely ever is. The reason being is that the proclamation is just a cheap trick to get more viewers after a disastrous sequel. Dreamworks fully knows this,...

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