Author: Vik Verpl.

Psycho (1960) – Review

In an era where films are consistently conventional and rarely deviate from formulaic stories and structures, one can always go back a couple of decades and watch Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Psycho. It’s one of many...

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Green Lantern – Review

Green Lantern, directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, Edge of Darkness) is yet another comic book adaptation released this year, and would, I imagine, score a solid ten on a silliness scale. But then again, it seems to be...

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There Will Be Blood – Review

There Will Be Blood (loosely based on Upton Sinclair’s novel Oil!) is what you would call an epic– and monumental one at that. It’s another endeavor by the oh-so-masterful auteur Paul Thomas Anderson (Sydney, Magnolia), and...

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