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Gullivers Travels (2010)

Gulliver’s Travels is a new cover on a classically old story with recognizable faces playing characters book fans have only been imagining in their minds for years.  Jack Black plays the famous Lemule Gulliver the main...

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Little Fockers (2010)

Little Fockers is the third installment of Ben Stiller’s comedy films based around Greg [Gaylord] Focker (Benstiller) and his difficulty getting his father in-law Jack Burns (Robert De Niro) to accept his marriage to his...

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The Other Guys

The latest installment from Will Ferrell comes complete with car chases, gun fire and explosions, even too big and powerful the cool guys have to look.  Will Ferrell plays detective Allen Gamble who chooses to a life of...

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The Tourist (2010)

 If this movie keeps you guessing then you are not alone.  The Tourist, starring Angelina Jolie (Elise Clifton-Ward) and Johnny Depp (Frank Tupelo) takes place in Italy where a case of mistaken identity gets Frank up to his neck...

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Tron: Legacy

After Nearly three decades of waiting Tron fans have finally had their prayers answered by director Joseph Kosinski.  The Sequel comes to us graced by not one but two versions of Jeff Bridges playing both Kevin Flynn (current...

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