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Land of the Lost

    This is a move where you are truly…lost. Will Ferrell has his hits and misses this is a narrow miss, but not exactly a hit either. This movie won’t be Ferrell’s last stand, but it shows that he’s not...

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The Hangover

     This is one hangover you are going to want to have over and over again. The Hangover is a comedy about three friends (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zack Galifianakis) who take their other friend (Justin Bartha) on a weekend...

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     The day that Pixar makes a bad movie will be the day that pigs literally sprout wings and fly. Upis one of those movies that defines the reason Pixar is still the best animation studio around. Ed Asner voices Carl...

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Star Trek

     To start off, I was not a huge Trekkie before seeing this movie.  I have been a Star Wars kid my whole life, but after Lucas sold his soul with the new cartoon Clone Wars stuff…I was disappointed to be a Warhead....

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