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Les Miserable

Highly anticipated, Tom Hooper’s Les Miserable had a lot to live up to as a musical.  Considering it was based on the classic musical from the 80s (which in turn was based on the classic French novel from Victor Hugo), this...

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For a movie that began with the (supposed) death of the protagonist, Skyfall would turn out to be one of the most exciting, most witty, James Bond films to date.  Directed by Sam Mendes, the film featured the return of Daniel...

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Madea’s Witness Protection

Another year has gone by and yet another Tyler Perry directed comedy/social commentary has graced the theaters (yet another one to use Madea as a main character).  The movie, of course, starred Perry himself as Madea (as well as...

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District 9

Used as a metaphor for Apartheid, District 9 was an award winning South African Science Fiction thriller from debuting director Neil Blomkamp.  It starred Sharlto Coplay in his breakthrough as a man who became infected with...

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