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Kristen Wiig – Check Maya Rudolph – Check Oh … wait…. That’s it. The only two SNL alumnus’s glamouring our big-screen boob tube. Had to double check to make sure. Cause as I sat...

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Scream 4

“Sick is the new sane,” the killer harangues to Sidney (Neve Campbell) in the faux-climax of Scream 4. Quite frankly, I couldn’t agree more. Where psychotic crimes are being committed and news-clipped at a...

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Battle: Los Angeles

Do you remember the days when alien invasion movies were all about the euphoric glory of humans warring mano a mano against extraterrestrial militia? The flashdance of Airforce jets and army-shouldered rocket launchers blasting...

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Inside Job

Oblivious. If I could describe Americans in one word after watching Inside Job, it would be oblivious. And that’s putting it kindly. Granted, the general American public should not be inherently blamed for the recession...

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Rabbit Hole

The fracture point of a human being can triggered by a variety of pressures. However, nothing surmounts tragedy like the loss of a child. Such is the premise of Rabbit Hole – a poignant, heartbreaking tale of marriage...

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