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Ballet Shoes

This one, I watched on Netflix Instant play. I had heard lots of good reviews on it, and most reviewers assured me of its happy ending and heart warming tale.They lied. Ballet Shoes is the story of three orphan girls being...

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The Princess and The Frog

Everyone knows, that if a princess kisses  one of those green slimy frogs in the fairy tales, she is sure to get a prince from it; But what if something went wrong… What if someone other then a princess kissed the frog… Would...

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Alice In Wonderland

This is the story of an older Alice who returns to Wonderland long after her trip as a young girl, and mixes with the book “Alice and Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass.” Directed by Tim Burton it is an artsy and rather...

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I hadn’t watched Babe since I was at least 4. I really didn’t remember any of it. I figured, everyone else liked it.Sitting down to watch it was one of the biggest mistakes that day. I sat/napped through the whole thing. It had...

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The Shop Around the Corner

The Shop Around The Corner from 1940,  is the movie that writers remade into  “You’ve Got Mail”  in 1998. I’ve seen both movies now, and The Shop Around The Corner was certainly the better of the two.  It had so much more charm...

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