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Say what you like about Director Zach Snyder’s adaption of the dark, brooding and emmensely popular 1985 Graphic Novel, but any film that gets this much discussion in it first few days is obviously onto something. Yes,...

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In the case of “Wanted,” the brain child of acclaimed comic book writer Mark Millar, and adapted to the big screen by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, it is easy to see why the film is so utterly, fantastically, ridiculously bad...

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Will Smith stars as “Hancock,” a reluctant anti-hero with numerous abilities, including super strength and flight, and who spends most of his time either drinking or wallowing in self pity…often both at the same time. Directed...

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Based off the first in a series of four bestselling novels by Author Stephenie Meyer, “Twilight” is Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, and tells the tale of a young girl who moves to a small town in Washington state,...

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Quantum of Solace

James Bond is pissed. I mean really pissed…and we love every second of it. Really, two things must be pointed out before we begin; firstly, before you head out to see this new James Bond Adventure, you must re-watch...

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